Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I'm reading "Deadlock" by Iris Johanson. Wow what a book. The plot is fast paced. I'm a fan of Johanson so when I had the opportunity to review her book I screamed YES!! Johanson knows how to combine suspense, action and romance. She allows a romance to nurture, to grow and never rushes it. In "Deadlock" Emily and Levy was in Afghanistan when they was kidnapped by a Stanton, a cruel and ruthless man. Stanton wanted the Hammer of Zulov. He forced her to watch while he tortured Levy. Former CIA, Garrett rescued her. He cared for her from the moment he saw her. She wanted Stanton's death.
Would she survive? Did she love Garrett? Who was Stanton working for?

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