Monday, May 11, 2009

EveryDay Happenings by Stephanie Rollins

Inflatable slides
My main goal today is to rent an inflatable water slide for this weekend. Sounds simple, but it is not. I am to the point of just investing in one and renting it out. There must be a demand. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm new at blogging and I don't think this worked quite right but we will work the bugs out.

    I think investing in a water slide might be an excellent idea. However, does that also mean investing in a truck to haul it? Do you also have to purchase a generator.....could get expensive. But what fun. I've often thought that owning a whole group of inflatables could bring in some extra cash. At the company picnic they always have inflatables for the kids. Last year they were in such bad shape. The caterpillar wanted to collapse. There were holes in him.
    Good luck renting the inflatable. Let me know how it goes.
    It isn't warm enough here for playing in water.
    Is this for a special occasion?


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