Sunday, May 10, 2009

The First Post

Hi, I'm Debra Gaynor, co-owner of This is our first post on our new blog. I've been asking myself what I should write about. I'm still not sure so maybe I'll just ramble a little bit.

I love to read. I still remember the first grade, sitting in a reading group, listening to my classmates read. I was always jumping ahead. I could read so much faster to myself. The teacher though I was having trouble reading. Little did she know I was just impatient.
I soon moved on the Nancy Drew books. I read all I could get my hands on. After that it was Emily Loring and Phyllis Whitney. I'm not sure too many will remember either author.
I still enjoy reading. I have favorite authors, Iris Johanson, Bertrice Small, Elizabeth Peters, Robin Cook, Dean Koontz..... I could keep going. Since we began a review company I have come to appreciate a lot of new authors.

Unknown authors desire a chance. With a little encouragement many can go far. They may be just as good as the author on a best selling list. They just haven't caught the eye of a publisher.

My favorite genres are romance, suspense, mystery, historical fiction based on fact. However, I have expanded my horizons. I read almost anything and find that I enjoy it.

I hope you will share with me what you enjoy reading.

Until next time....this is Debra Gaynor

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