Monday, June 1, 2009

Iris Johanson

I love Iris Johanson. Well her books...I don't actually know MS Johanson. Her latest book Deadlock is an excellent read. Johanson has stretched her wings in her latest book. Her characters are cutting edge sharp. Garret has a bit of blackness in his character.
Emily was captured in Afghanistan by Staunton. He thought she knew where a Russian artifact was located. He tortured her and Levy her assistant/friend. Thanks to Garret she escaped with her life. As long as Staunton was alive she was in danger. Staunton was sadistic. He enjoyed giving others pain. He was obsessed with Emily. He would not stop until he destroyed everyone she loved while she watched helplessly.
Emily had to fight back or be destroyed. Working side by side with Garret she fought for her life.

Do not miss Deadlock

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